Sports Betting Rules

1. General betting rules

2. Bet types

3. Bet varieties

4. Specific sport rules

5. Stake limits

6. Bet calculation


The following is Appendix 1 to the general Terms and Conditions and covers specific rules applicable to the use of the sports betting services available on the Websites

1. General betting rules

1.1 Once registered the user can place bets on different events available on the website. Placing bets means putting user's money on particular outcome (outcomes) of particular events.

1.2 Every bet placed is a contractual obligation between the user and the sportsbook, entitling the user to the payout of winnings following from the bet offer in the case of a win, and the sportsbook to the stake of users bet in the case of a loss.

1.3 The bet amount cannot exceed the users player account balance.

1.4 The bet cannot be cancelled or modified once it has been placed on our server and the user has received a confirmation message. The interruption of internet connection is not considered a valid reason for bet cancellation if the bet has been registered on our server.

1.5 All bets are taken based on the sports betting line being the current match list with outcome odds and outcome stake limits. Any subsequent changes in the sports betting line shall not affect any bets hitherto placed

1.6 In case the odds are changed before the bet has been accepted the client receives an alert message about the odd change. Then the user can either confirm the bet placement or cancel his bet.

1.7 Any announcements of match times and dates are given for reference only and shall not be part of the bet offer. Any mistakes in the display of fixtures or other statistical information shall not be a case for bet cancellation. In case, a match started early, all taken bets will be valid if they were taken before the actual beginning of the event.

1.8 All bets take account of regular time, unless otherwise stated. If offered with overtime, this is reflected in bet conditions. The following are exceptions where the outcome takes account of overtime by default, unless otherwise stated: pre-match betting on basketball, American football (NFL) and baseball.

1.9 The outcome of a match shall be final either after its regular time is over (e.g. 90 minutes in football or 60 minutes in ice hockey) or the official judicial decision was to end the match before its regular time is over.

1.10 The bets calculations are based on the final scores announced by official sports organizations after the end of the match. Possible future corrections of the score or disqualifications do not affect the initial bet calculation. The only exception is the correction of the wrongly announced score, if the corrections were implemented in 24 hours after the conclusion of the match.

1.11 Bet cancellation. We shall reserve the right to cancel a bet (returning it 1:1) under the following circumstances:

·         If a match was cancelled or interrupted and could not be finished within two days (48 hours) since the date of commencement (three days for prematch football bets).

·         In case of absence of one of the parties.

·         If, in any team sport, there happens a change of venue, and the new venue is the home ground of the original away team, then all bets may be cancelled.

·         In case of suspicion of foul play by the participants / organizers of the match. Such cases may be: match-fixing, willful act of activity or inactivity of athletes or judges in order to influence the outcome / score of the match, misinformation by the match organizers, etc.

In such cases, decision to cancel bets is made by the Cozmobet security department after an investigation that includes:

·         Analysis of the game accounts from which were placed bets;

·         Analysis of the rates groups, rates and outcomes, on which were placed bets;

·         Request to the official sports organization governing the respective competition.

·         You may not bet on events with your active engagement as a participant. This is a violation and will result in your bet being cancelled.

·         Bets may be canceled if technical or software errors were found during the event broadcast, such as incorrect display of match odds, match score or the time of the event.

·         We shall reserve the right to cancel any repeating bets except the first one that were placed on the same outcome be it single bet of combination bet with the same outcome.

1.12 Draw rules apply to events that may have more than one winner or may result in a draw, without there being a draw provision in the bet type description. For every bet placed on an outright winner, the stake will be decreased in the proportion of the number of winners expected to the number of actual winners. Following that, the winnings will be paid out against the new stake amount.

1.13 The calculation of the bet basing on the average market rate of the odds. The Sportsbook holds the right to recalculate the client's bet in case originally proposed odds were considered incorrect (overestimated or underestimated). In this case the bet can be recounted based on the average market rate that is the average mean of outcomes provided by other sportsbooks.

1.14 We shall reserve the right to correct errors made in the betting odds, match fixtures and outcomes whether through human or system failure.

1.15 By placing bets the client agrees that he understands the wagering conditions. The following rules contain descriptions for almost every proposed bet variety even though some might be missing. Missing bet variety description will not be accountable for bet cancellation. In case the client does not understand or wishes to specify any of the bet variety conditions he needs to contact the Cozmobet sportsbook customer support for explanations.

2. Bet types

2.1 All sport bets proposed on this website are divided by the line types:

·         Pre-match bets. Bets that can be accepted before the beginning of the events. Such bets are presented on the website in the Sport category.

·         Live best. Betting on events in real time. Such bets are presented on the website in the Live bets category.


·         The match might be broadcasted with a slight delay. This delay vary depending on the method of obtaining information during the game.

·         In some cases accepting Live events bets might be suspended due to a variety of technical reasons (such as no method of broadcasting a match, technical problems displaying the scored, etc.). Nevertheless all accepted bets will be calculated once the event is over.

·         Outrights. Bets that are placed beforehand on the winner of a particular part of the event or the winner of the tournament as a whole. The bets are calculated once a particular part of the tournament has ended.

2.2 The following bet types are available on the website: single bets, combination bets.

·         A single bet represents one selection. The winnings made on a single bet amount to your stake multiplied by the odds of selected outcome.

·         A combination bet (also known as parlay or accumulator), is a type of bet containing from 2 to up to 10 events. It is dependent on all of these outcomes coming true and is otherwise calculated as lost. When you make a combination, the bet slip will act as a bet calculator showing the workout of your possible winnings. The winning amount is equal to stake multiplied by the accumulated odds for the whole selection.

3. Bet varieties

3.1 Match odds (1X2). Bet on the outcome of the game by choosing from the three options: home (1), draw (X), and away (2). Applicable to regular time including injury time.

3.2 Double outcome. Three options are available:

·         "1Х" - either the first team wins or it's a draw. In order to win the bet either the first team has to win or the match has to end with a draw.

·         "12" - either the first or the second team wins. In order to win the bet either the first or the second team has to win.

·         "Х2" - either the second team wins or it's a draw. In order to win the bet either the second team has to win or the match has to end with a draw.

The bets are accepted for regular plus injury time. Extra periods, overtimes and the penalties are not accounted for.

3.3 Under/Over. Betting on the total number of goals, points, games, and so on, to be scored. For winning one has to guess if the total turns out over or under a given number.

3.4 Draw no bet. Player can bet on team 1 or team 2. The draw is not available for betting. In case of the result being a draw, the bet is returned (payout with coefficient 1.0).

3.5 Handicap. Betting on a match outcome (home (1) – draw (X) – away (2)) with a handicap. A handicap is the number of goals or points that will be added to the team’s actual scoring during the bet calculation. A handicap can be positive, negative or equal to zero.

3.6 Half time. Bet on the winner of the first half of the game. In those sports that have four periods, the half time is considered between the second and the third period. The three outcomes possible are the same as in 1X2: first team win (1), draw (X), second team win (2).

3.7 Half time/Full time. Predict the results for both half time and match. The outcome is written through a forward slash: half time / full time.

3.8 Correct score. Predict the correct score of the match. Multiple outcomes are available for betting including "Any other Home win", "Any other Draw", "Any other Away win".

"Any other Draw" wins in case the match ended with a draw or with any other score that wasn't available for betting. "Any other Home win" and "Any other Away win" wins in case either team wins with any other score that wasn't available for betting. Applicable to regular plus injury time, extra time is not counted.

3.9 Half time score. Predict the correct score for the first time of the match only. The bet looses if the predicted score is not equal to actual.

3.10 Odd or even. The player has to guess if the sum of the goals/points/sets/games in a match equals an odd or an even number. In the event of zero goals being scored in the match, the result will be settled as EVEN.

3.11 Clean sheet. Will the named team manage to keep a clean sheet? There are two outcomes: yes and no. Accepted for regular plus injury time.

3.12 To Qualify. Predict which team is to qualify for the next round. Betting is made on the overall outcome, winning is the team that passes to the next round of the competition. Extra time and/or penalty shootout are counted. In case more than one match is needed to identify the winner, the bet will be calculated once the winner is identified.

3.13 Win Both Halves. Team wins both halves. For a bet to be a win, the chosen team must win both first and second halves of the match.

3.14 Winning Margin. Predict how much a difference in goals will there be between a chosen winning team and their opponent. Score Draw wins only if both teams scored the same amount of goals. No goals scored wins only if both teams haven't scored any goals.

3.15 1X2 and Total. To win one needs to guess the outcome of the match (1X2) and the sum of goals, scored by both teams.

3.16 Home/Away goals. How many goals will a home/away team score through the match? An "3+" outcome wins in case the team has scored 3 or more goals.

3.17 Total home/away goals. How many goals will both team score in total throughout the match? An "6+" outcome wins in case the team has scored 6 or more goals.

3.18 Nth point scorer. Predict who will score the Nth point in a match / period /set based on the total number of points scored by both teams.

3.19 N-point race winner. Which of the teams / players will be the first to score N points in a match / period / set?

3.20 Rest of the match winner. Who will win the rest of the match from the moment of bet acceptance. Goals scored before bet acceptance are not counted.

3.21 Next goal. Which team will score the next goal once the bet was accepted. Bets can be placed either on the whole match duration or on certain periods (times, periods, sets, etc). Betting on "X" will win only if neither team scored till the end of the match.

3.22 Period betting. Which team will win a specified period? Other period's results are not accounted for.

3.23 The quarter/period/set with the most points. The player must guess, which of the quarters/periods/sets is going to have the most points scored by both teams in total. Betting on "Equal" will only win:

·         if the score is even in all quarters/periods/sets

·         if the score in at least two quarters/periods/sets is even and greater then in other quarters/periods/sets.

3.24 Set betting. Predict the exact score of a tennis match based on sets. All possible final score varieties are available.

3.25 Outcome of game X set Y. Predict the winner of game X in a tennis set Y and the number of points that the losing side had in that game. The winner is always placed first in this bet (P1 - player 1 wins, P2 - player 2 wins), and after a slash comes the score, that the lost player has attained in this game.


·         P1/15 - The game is won by Player 1, Player 2 attained 15 points in this game

·         P2/30 - The game is won by Player 2, Player 1 attained 30 points in this game

3.26 Round betting. To win this one, you have to name the boxer and number of winning round.

3.27 Total rounds. Predict the duration of a boxing match. The fight is considered lasting N rounds when the start to an Nth round is announced.

3.28 Frame X – player with the best break. You need to predict which player will make the best break (a series of consecutively scored points) in the selected frame.

3.29 Frame Х – best break. You are offered to predict what will be the maximum break scored in the selected frame. Both players’ score is counted.

3.30 Frame Х – player with break Y+. You are offered to predict if one of the players (or any player) will score the selected break. The possible variants of the break: 50+ (50 points of more), 100+ (100 points of more).

3.31 Who will make more attempts at 180? To win you need to guess which of the darts players will be able to make more attempts at 180 points (score 180 points in one go) in the match.

3.32 Total attempts at 180? It is proposed to guess whether in darts match will be more or less attempts by 180 points on the selected total. Results of both players are taken into the computation.

4. Specific sport rules

4.1 Football (Soccer). Bets on all football matches are applicable to the regular time including compensated time, excluding the bet types "To Qualify" and "Winner", where all the stakes are accepted on the outcome of the opposition between the two teams in general. Compensated time of the first half of the match is considered to be the time, that comes after the end of the 45th minute. The compensated time of the second half of the match is considered to be the time, that comes after the end of the 90th minute.

If the match was stopped before the end of the 90th minute or was postponed for more than 2 days for Live bets and 3 days for pre-match bets, all bets are canceled, excluding the bets, that had their result unconditionally determined. The exceptions are matches that were officially considered finished even if most of the time was not played.

For the youth teams matches and friendly matches, all bets are considered on the basis of the ending result of the game (excluding overtime), regardless of the fact, that the regular time was played out in full or not.

4.2 Ice hockey. Bets on all ice hockey matches are applicable to regular time, unless otherwise noted. If accepted with overtime and shootouts that may be played. If the game could not be finished within 48 hours all bets will be cancelled except those that can be calculated based on the results of the match that were scored by the time of the match stoppage.

4.3 Basketball. Pre-match bets on all basketball matches are applicable to regular time including overtime, apart from separate provisions. In-play (LIVE) bets on all basketball matches are applicable to regular time excluding overtime, apart from separate provisions. If the game could not be finished within 48 hours all bets will be cancelled except those that can be calculated based on the results of the match that were scored by the time of the match stoppage.

4.4 Tennis.

·         If a player withdraws from the match, the player who advances to the next round is considered to be the winner. But if less than one set is played and the match is stopped (injury or refusal of one of the participants), all the bets are cancelled (paid out with a coefficient of 1.0). Exception to this rule are bets, outcome of which can be identified by considering the amount of games/sets, played till the match is stopped. Example: "Outcome of game X set Y", and so on.

·         In case the match was suspended (for example due to weather conditions) the bets will remain uncalculated until the match is successfully finished. The match suspension is not an excuse for bet cancellation.

·         If one of the players withdraws from the match, set bets shall be calculated based on the score at the moment of cession.

Example 1: the bet on the score according to sets “2-0”.

The score in the match 1-1, one of the players is refusing to continue the match. The bet on that result is considered lost, since the result at the time of match stoppage is enough to calculate the bet (the bet is already lost).

Example 2: the bet on the score according to sets “2-1”.

The score in the match 1-1, one of the players is refusing to continue the match. The bet on that result is returned (payed out with a coefficient 1), since the result at the time of match stoppage is enough to calculate the bet.

·         If one of the players withdraws from the match, game betting totals shall be calculated based on the number of games played by the moment of cession.

Example: Under 17.5 games

Case 1: 15 games played and one of the players withdraws from the match. The bet on that result is returned (payed out with a coefficient 1), since the result at the time of match stoppage is enough to calculate the bet.

Case 2: 19 games played and one of the players withdraws from the match. The bet on that result is considered lost, since the result at the time of match stoppage is enough to calculate the bet (the bet is already lost).

·         Super tie-break in paired tennis matches is considered to be a set that consists of one game. This feature is counted when calculating bets on total games amount.

4.5 American football (NFL).

·         Betting is done inclusive of all possible extra time, unless otherwise stated. If the game results in a tie following overtime, all bets on the winner will be considered void(see Draw rules).

·         All LIVE bets are taken on regular time only, unless otherwise stated. If the bet is taken for the result including overtime, this is shown in the line.

·         Individual bets on a player are cancelled if he is not playing.

4.6 Baseball.

·         Prematch betting is done inclusive of all possible extra time (extra innings), unless otherwise stated. Exception: bets on "Total" are taken on regular time only, unless otherwise stated.

·         All LIVE bets are taken on regular time only, unless otherwise stated. If the bet is taken for the result including overtime, this is shown in the line. Exceptions: "Who scores Xth point?" and "Which team wins race to X points" as well as "1x2" types of bets for Japanese and Korean baseball leagues, that are taken inclusive of all possible extra time (extra innings).

·         The bets on baseball can be accepted in regard of a starting pitcher - in this case the name of the starting pitcher is shown inside the brackets, after the name of the team. The team's starting pitcher - is a pitcher who, delivers the first pitch for his team in the game. If the starting pitcher is not the one mentioned in the bet, the initial bet amount is returned.

·         Bets can be placed on matches consisting of 7 and 9 innings. The calculation rules and any baseball bet acceptation features are considered the same for both cases.

·         Japanese and Korean baseball league matches can finish with a draw. This features is counted when calculating bets.

4.7 Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

·         All bets on the fight are calculated based on the official results defined by the authorized organization immediately after the end of the match. Possible later disqualification and / or change of the result does not affect the initial calculation of the stakes. Exceptions are those cases where the decision to change the result of the fight will be announced within 24 hours of the initial calculation of the stake in order to correct an error in scoring or errors in the announcement of the result of the fight.

·         If the fight does not take place in time, will be canceled or postponed and not completed within three days from the anticipated starting time of the match, all bets on it will be canceled. Cancellation of the bets also occurs in case if a fighter will be removed from the match or substituted before the first round of combat.

·         If a fighter refuses to continue the match before the start of the round, fails to respond to the gong or will be removed from the ring for any reason between rounds, the fight will be considered as finished at the time of completion of the previous round.

·         If one of the fighters is disqualified, he is considered to lose the fight.

·         If the alleged duration of the fight and/or number of rounds change, then all bets for such fight will be canceled.

·         If the alleged location of the fight event has changed and the event is taking place in another country, then all bets for such event will be canceled. In all other cases of the event’s venue change all the bets remain valid.

·         If the fight is declared invalid, ended in a draw or technical draw, all bets on such match are canceled.

4.8 Cricket.

·         All cricket bets are taken based on the full match and shall be valid until its finish which may take up to several days.

·         In case the match was canceled/interrupted due to weather conditions the bet are calculated on the basis of final results (including the matches with the limited amount of throws where the results are calculated the Duckworth-Lewis method).

·         In case the match results are decided by draw or disqualification all bets are canceled except those which results are unconditionally determined.

4.9 Formula 1.

·         In the case of pilot head to head betting, account is made of the main race outcome disregarding qualifications.

·         In the case of both pilots not making it to the finish line (for any reason), the winner is considered the pilot that finished more laps than the other.

4.10 Badminton. If a player withdraws from the match before it ends, the winner will be either the player who proceeds to the following round or the winner of the tournament. However, if less then one set (game) was played and the match is stopped (due to injury or refusal of one of the participants), all bets are cancelled (paid out at 1.0 rate). The exception are the bets, the outcome of which can be calculated based on the number of points/games played before the match was stopped.

4.11 Handball. All bets are accepted on the regular time, except for the types of bets "Who scores N point" and "Which team will wins race to N points," which are calculated taking into account the extra time.

4.12 Rugby (Union + League)

·         All bets except for the stakes on 1st Half, Extra Time and Penalties are calculated based on the result of the regular time (two halves of 40 minutes each), unless otherwise stated.

4.13 Table tennis

·         If a match starts but is not completed within 48 hours, all bets on such event will be canceled, except for those bets that can be calculated based on the result at the moment of the match interruption.

·         In the event of failure of one of the participants to continue playing, all bets on the match will be canceled, except for those bets that can be calculated based on the result at the time of failure.

4.14 Snooker

·         In case, if match starting, but not being completed for any reason, all the bets on the match will be cancelled, except for bets that will be calculated based on the results by the time of the match interruption.

·         In some cases, the match may be completed the following day, because the matches are held in sessions. The duration of the session depends on the tournament rules.

4.15 Darts

·         If match is not completed for any reason, all bets on the match will be void, except bets that can be calculated based on the result at the moment of stopping the match.

·         If the match ended in a draw, bets on the stake with the best result will be canceled.

4.16 Other sports. For other sports not listed in these Rules and where the matches are held on the basis of the fixed number of games, sets, games, etc.:

·         If one of the participants did not finish the match (for whatever reason), the winner is the player who is progressing to the next round.

·         In case if one of the parties got technical defeat, all bets will be cancelled (paid with odds of 1.0).

5. Stake limits

5.1 The minimum stake limits are, depending on player account currency, 1 USD. 1 EUR, 5 RUB respectively for the USD, EUR and RUB currencies.

For all other currencies the minimum stake limit is the equivalent of 1 USD in the player account currency.

5.2 The maximum stake limit will be displayed on the bet offer menu in your player account currency.

5.3 We retain the right to limit the minimum and maximum bet amount of a customer in accordance with our inner security policy.

6. Bet calculation

6.1 Bet calculation is done within approximately 20 minutes of the end of the match, but no longer than 24 hours.

6.2 The winnings amount is credited to the player's account after the bet is calculated.


Terms and Conditions

1. General clauses

2. Opening an account

3. Accessing your account

4. Deposit and withdrawal policy

5. Refund and withdrawal policy

6. Other account actions

7. AML Policy

8. Privacy policy

9. Using the gaming software

10. Complaints and disputes

11. Changing of terms


This is version 2.1 of the Terms and Conditions effective 30 March 2016.


1. General clauses


1.1 The following sections explain the terms which govern the general use of the services found at (the "Websites"). For specific game rules please refer to the relevant “Rules” sections on each of the Websites.

1.2 Cozmobet LP (hereinafter is a company operating Services are provided to card holder by Cozmobet LP located at Suite 1 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 1JE. In the event of any inquiries and complaints, please direct them to Cozmobet N.V. is incorporated under the laws of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles and operators its regulated activities in terms of License No: 8048/JAZ2017-070. On 03/20/2018 Cozmobet N.V. and Cozmobet LP, a limited partnership incorporated under the laws of Scotland entered into a partnership agreement where the Parties agreed that Cozmobet LP would act as an agent of Cozmobet N.V. to promote products and services offered by Cozmobet N.V. Cozmobet LP is fully liable for any acts of their employees, agents or affiliated entities. Cozmobet LP in these Terms and Conditions is referred to as “Cozmobet”, “”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Management”, “Site” or “Company” that you enter contract with. The Player and registered Account Holder shall be referred to as “You”, “Yours”, “Customer” or “The Player”.

1.3 From time to time, certain provisions of these T&Cs may change and will be updated accordingly. A new T&Cs version shall come into force at the time of its publication on our Websites. If you continue playing, this shall be deemed as acceptance by you of the new T&Cs. If you do not agree with the new T&Cs, then you should stop using our services.

1.4 You acknowledge that we provide an entertainment service to you and our liability is limited to the value of the balance on your account.

1.5 By registering the user agrees on receiving important notifications and additional information by e-mail (including newsletters, bonuses and promotions). The user can unsubscribe at any moment from his account settings page.

Please download or print a copy of these T&Cs for reference. Should you have any queries, please contact customer service.


2. Opening an account


2.1 You are responsible for ensuring that it is legal to participate in online gambling from within your country of residence.

2.2 We shall not allow registrations from the following countries ("Excluded Territories"): USA, United Kingdom, Israel, Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, North Korea, France, Curacao, and Nederland.

Technical, payment and registration verifications will be applied to enforce these exclusions. The amendment emphasizes that persons located in a prohibited jurisdiction are not permitted to use the software and that any attempt to circumvent this restriction (for example – by using a VPN or proxy) is a breach of the EULA (END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT) which may lead to the freezing of such person's funds.

2.3 Gambling under the age of majority is illegal and opening an account with us is prohibited if you are a minor. We carry out routine identity checks for the purpose of age verification. Anyone under the age of majority in their country of residence found to be using the Websites will have their account locked, winnings forfeited and balance withheld.

2.4 You can register only one player account which can be used on all our products. Should we find that you have opened multiple or linked accounts, all but one will be closed. We will investigate the reason for the opening of the extra accounts before deciding how to treat any funds accumulated with us – funds deposited in breach of these T&Cs may be forfeited.

2.5 After registering an account the player has to complete the verification procedure. The player needs to send a scanned copy or a color digital photo of the official document that confirms identity. Such documents could be:

·         National ID card;

·         Passport;

·         Driving license.

Detailed information on the verification can be found in the section of Settings - Account Verification.

2.6 It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your personal or financial details, at registration and thereafter, which may have effect on the use of your player account, such as the change of address, bank or e-wallet account. The responsibility of notifying us lies personally on you. It is vital that you provide us with a valid email address as we will use this during the registration process.

2.7 Any intentional misinformation provided at various stages may be considered a breach of these T&Cs.

2.8 We have the right to refuse to open a player’s account at our sole discretion, but we shall honour contractual obligations already made.

2.9 We have the right to set limits on a player’s deposit and/or withdrawal amounts in accordance with our own internal event risk management policies.

2.10 We have the right to close a player’s account at our sole discretion. We can also block player's access to any of website's services. In case the player's account needs to be blocked player’s account balance is subject to withdrawal to the player’s personal account in a payment system, that has been agreed upon by both sides.

2.11 Players are not allowed to register accounts with obscene , indecent or offensive names or alias, any such accounts will be blocked as soon as they are identified.


3. Accessing your account


3.1 When registering the player will be given a unique account number. The player can enter his own personal password using letters and numbers for additional security.

3.2 You need your account number and password to access the Websites and make use of our services. It is your responsibility to maintain the secrecy of your account data.

3.3 You are recommended to store your details safely or memorize them. We shall not be responsible for the unauthorized use of accounts or any losses that may result from such use.

3.4 Should you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by using the password recovery tool on the Websites. Should you have forgotten both your account number and password, please contact customer service for further assistance.

3.5 You may log in only once at a point in time – multiple betting sessions will not be supported by our system; logging in again will close the previous session after asking the player to confirm their intention.


4. Deposit and withdrawal policy


4.1 In order to gain full access to our products and services, you must deposit funds into your account. We do not offer credit on your account, nor do we pay interest on your deposit.

4.2 Funds deposited with us must be your own money and obtained legally. Suspicious funds transfers may be reported to the relevant authorities for investigation.

4.3 The currency of your account can be selected during the registration, becoming the currency for all your account transactions. Please contact support if you need to change it. The currencies supported include USD, EUR, RUB.

4.4 All betting services display your account number, your available balance and currency. Exchange rate conversions will be applied at the prevailing rate notified by the European Central Bank or the central bank of the currency issuing country.

4.5 You may fund your account by using any of the deposit methods available to you on the Website,including credit and debit cards, e-wallets and vouchers.

4.6 Deposits are processed subject to each method's individual rates, security constraints and timing (explained in the depositing screen accessible when you log in to your account).

4.7 The minimum deposit amount is 1 unit of currency or subject to limits imposed by the payment service provider, whichever is greater

4.8 When using a payment method, you must ensure that it is registered in your name. We shall assume no liability to any third party whose means of payment you may have used.

4.9 We have the right to correct any apparent discrepancies and errors that may have been made in the funding of your account.

4.10 When you deposit through Skrill, please note that your registered email must match the one appearing on your e-wallet account. Otherwise, your player account will become locked until you contact c ustomer service and verify your identity.

4.11 You may withdraw funds from your account by using any of the withdrawal methods available to youon the Website in the Withdrawal section.

4.12 Requests for withdrawal are subject to minimum sums and currency limitations, presently being: 5 EUR, 5 USD and 100 RUB for all other methods. For certain payment methods the minimum deposit amount may be different.

4.13 Withdrawal requests may be pended during security checks. We may request you to furnish additional identification documents should the previously submitted documents be insufficient. Such documents may include: a photocopy of passport, a digital photo of you holding the passport, utility bills and so forth.

4.14 If your account was funded using a payment method different from one requested for a withdrawal, we have the right to refuse such a withdrawal request in favour of the original payment method.

4.15 If you request withdrawal to an e-wallet account not previously used for deposits, we have the right to refuse such a withdrawal in favour of the previously used e-wallet account.

4.16 If you deposit with one of the payin-only systems such as Liqpay, Qiwi (except RUB) and so forth, you are to use your entire deposit amount for betting before you request a withdrawal. Otherwise, we have the right to refuse such a withdrawal.

4.17 If you deposit with Paysafecard, we may request copies of vouchers or other confirming the legitimacy of the funds before processing your withdrawal.

4.18 During the withdrawal process we retain the right to withhold a commission of 5% from the sum of the deposits, if the gaming activity on the account is absent or acknowledged to be lacking.

4.19 Should you fund your account using a one-way method that does not support payouts, we shall reserve the right to withdraw to your wallet account using the recommended payment service provider (Skrill). We also reserve the right to check if your wallet account is registered in the same name as your player account. In the case of the foregoing being different, your player account will be locked and its balance withheld.

4.20 When withdrawing funds through electronic payments system "Yandex.Money" the client confirms that he or she read Conditions of ‘Quick Payment via Yandex.Money’ Service and agrees that the monetary obligation of the counterparty to the client is executed by crediting the relevant amount to the electronic means of payment of the client in the payment service "Yandex.Money".

4.21 Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete this transaction. Cardholder's responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in his or her country of domicile. Participation of minors in offered on this website activities is prohibited.

5. Refund and withdrawal policy

5.1 You may close your account at any time by sending to us a written request via email. Before the account is closed, it will be cleared subject to our standard withdrawals policy, as hereabove stated.

6. Other account actions


6.1 You can set your account's deposit and wagering limits if you wish to have better control over your own spending. The same procedure can be used to ‘self-exclude’ yourself from betting on our Website for a set time. See our Responsible Gambling Policy.


7. AML Policy


7.1 We have a strict policy against money laundering. Any criminal or rule violating activity (“Fraud”) is prohibited and may lead to the player account being closed and the funds in it forfeited.

7.2 Fraud shall include, without limitation: paying with stolen bank cards or vouchers, using compromised e-wallet access, any kind of player collusion, provision of false registration data, document forgery.

7.3 We shall reserve the right to make verifications as to the origin of the funds in your player account.

7.4 We will use technical and human resources to track any suspicious activities by the following means:

·         Applying the payment constraints described in the “Deposit and withdrawal policy” section

·         Monitoring player transactions exceeding 10,000 USD during a 24-hour period

·         Monitoring the opening of linked player accounts

·         Keeping an audit trail of changes effected on player accounts

7.5 We may decide to lock your account whenever we have reason to suspect that it has involvement with Fraud. Until our investigations are complete and the Fraud case is cleared, we may continue to freeze the account.

7.6 Disclaimer. We may report any cases of Fraud to the Regulator or other appropriate law enforcement agencies. On doing so, we will allow them to inspect player account data for the purpose of further investigation and final ruling.

7.7 The account must be registered personally for yourself and shall not be transferable or shared.If you transfer the account to another person, you violate the terms which will lead to your player account being locked and its balance withheld.

7.8 We reserve the right to verify user's playing activity. The standard time for this verification is 1 to 2 working days. During the period of verification processing payments from this account will be suspended.


8. Privacy policy


8.1 We aim our best to ensure that at all times personal data is:

·         obtained only for a specific and lawful purpose

·         adequate, relevant and not excessive to its purpose

·         processed fairly and lawfully

·         accurate and updated

·         kept in a secure manner

·         not kept longer than is necessary for its purpose (subject to regulatory controls)

8.2 We may disclose personal data:

·         when such information is requested by the Regulator

·         when ordered to do so under legal provisions contained in the Governing Law

·         when an account comes under a fraud case investigation either by ourselves or our business associates

8.3 We do not store your bank card details and we do not sell personal data. We may process personal data for customer relationship management such as email messages featuring news and offers unless you opt out of receiving such materials.

8.4 We apply encrypted communications whenever personal data is transferred over the Internet. Access to all sensitive data that is stored by our system is strictly controlled through technical and operational controls.

8.5 Our customer database uses state-of-the-art cryptographic hash functions for storing player account passwords. This measure secures your account access against any possible outsider or insider attacks.

8.6 Our Websites work by using HTTP cookies for the following purposes:

·         to maintain a user session necessary to authenticate you on our servers and to accept the instructions pertaining to your account

·         to identify your preferred language and use this in the delivery of web content that you request

·         to analyze site traffic in order to work out trends and further improvements


9. Using the gaming software


9.1 You accept that our products and services are provided to you "as is" with any faults or failings, and any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee whatsoever, express or implied, excluded to the fullest extent permitted by the Governing Law.

9.2 By participating in our online games you recognize and accept the limits inherent to any connection over the Internet, and limitations of used hardware, particularly:

·         longer response times and interruption risks over remote channels

·         the importance and aspects of using secure connections (HTTPS)

·         the risks associated with computer virus infections

9.3 We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that our system enables any player whose participation in a game was interrupted by a failure of our computer system, or the telecommunications system, or the player's computer system, to resume, on the restoration of the system, his or her participation in the game as at the time immediately before the interruption took place.

9.4 If our computer system fails to restore the game having been interrupted, we shall (a) ensure that the game is terminated; (b) refund the wager amount to the player; c) inform the Regulator of the circumstances of the incident if it occurred through the failure of our computer system. In the event of any such system failure, our liability to you shall be limited to the wager amount.

9.5 We shall reserve the right to correct any apparent mismatches resulting from technical failures such as erroneous account transactions, and to commit any amendments necessary to reflect outside changes such as corrections to match results.

9.6 Whilst we shall do our best to ensure the stable, secure and accurate functioning of our computer system, we shall not be liable to you for:

·         any loss whatsoever arising from the use, misuse or abuse of your account or any of our products and services which are beyond our control

·         any cyber attacks or viruses affecting your computer system and impacting on your use of any of our products and services

·         the accuracy, completeness or currency of any information services such as indicative prices, fixtures, live scores, results or any statistics

9.7 You may not use automated game bending systems (known as 'robots') which shall be considered a form of Fraud as hereabove defined.


10. Complaints and disputes


10.1 If you have any cause to complain about anything relating to your experience with our products and services, please let us know by contacting customer service. Please be sure to include any appropriate evidence and your complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible by our professional support operators.


11. Changing of terms


11.1 We retain the right to change/update the Terms unilaterally.

11.2 New Terms will come into effect from the moment of publication. You may refer to the current version of Terms and Conditions on our site.

11.3 If you continue to play on our site, we consider it to be in consent with the new version of the Terms. In any event that the player is not in agreeance with the Terms, he/she must immediately stop using our services.

N.B. Please note that any criminal or suspicious activity may be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.


Privacy Policy

Last updated on: 13/10/2016

Cozmobet (otherwise referred to herein as "we" or "us") adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act of Curacao (2013) and the EU Data Protection Directive (EC Directive 95/46/EC) and the EU Electronic Communications Privacy Directive (EC Directive/2002/58/EC as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC).

1. Consent

a. By providing your personal information and registering with us or logging on with us when you enter our Website, you explicitly consent to Cozmobet processing and disclosing your personal information for the purposes, and otherwise in the manner set out in this Privacy policy, or as otherwise provided  in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

b. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy please do not use and/or register to the Website.

2. How we collect your data?

a. The personal information and data about you which we may collect, use and process includes the following:

• personal information that you provide to us by filling in forms on the Website or any other information you submit to us via the Website or email;

• records of correspondence, whether via the Website, email or other means;

• your responses to surveys or customer research that we carry out;

• details of the transactions you carry out with us, whether via the Website or other means; and

• details of your visits to the Website including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data.

b. Please note that any information which you transmit to us by email is not encrypted and is transmitted at your own risk.

3. For which purpose?

Cozmobet shall collect and process your personal information for the following purposes:

• the provision of its betting and gaming services;

• identification and/or authentication;

• processing and monitoring your bets;

• processing card and on-line payments;

• payment processing identification, authorization and/or processing;

• monitoring transactions for the purposes of preventing fraud, irregular betting, money laundering and fraud;

• marketing purposes, based on the opt-in principle, when applicable; and

• legal and/or regulatory reasons.

4. What is your assurance?

a. Cozmobet assures you that your personal data is:

• processed in accordance with your rights;

• processed fairly and lawfully;

• obtained only for the above purposes;

• adequate, relevant and not excessive for its purpose;

• kept in a secure manner; and

• not kept longer than is necessary for its purposes.

b. Cozmobet shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is kept secure and protected. In this regards, we maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data against unauthorized or unlawful processing.

c. Your emails are stored on the Amazon cloud. We do not store any of your personal details in this cloud. We recommend that you send all personal documents to All items mailed to the listed address are stored on our internal servers.

5. Data transfer

a. For fraud detection and control purposes, you agree that Cozmobet has the right to transfer your personal data to third parties, including but not limited to third party suppliers such as ID and address verification system providers, payment service providers and financial institutions.

b. Furthermore, Cozmobet reserves the right to disclose your personal data to relevant third parties when Cozmobet has reasonable grounds to suspect irregularities involving your account.

c. Some of the data processors engaged to process your personal data may be based outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) where data protection laws are not as protective as EU law. Therefore, by browsing the Website and communicating electronically with us, you acknowledge and agree to our (or our suppliers or sub-contractors) processing your personal data outside the EEA. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is treated securely and is processed with appropriate care and protection and in line with applicable legal requirements.

6. Disclosure of information

We are entitled to share the information we hold on you which includes personal data and/or betting history with the regulator, sporting bodies, financial entities such as the banks or payment suppliers and other competent authority, including the police, in order to investigate fraud, money laundering or sports integrity issues and to comply with our regulatory duties.

7. Right of access

a. You have the right to require access to your own personal data and/or have the right to correct and/or erase incorrect and/or inappropriate data. The request and any other queries regarding data privacy shall be sent to:

b. Your request must be accompanied by copies of two forms of identification, one of which should identify you (e.g. driving licence, passport, etc) and the other should provide proof of your address (e.g. utility bill).

c. Your request will be addressed upon reception of a 10 Euros fee.

d. It is your responsibility to maintain your personal information up to date and accurate.

8. Cookies, tags and other identifiers ("cookies")

a. By accepting the Terms & Conditions or by using or registering to the Service, you accept that we will use cookies.

b. Cookies are text files containing a small amount of information that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. They are generally used by most websites to improve your online experience and to ensure that content and functions are delivered and used more effectively.

c. We use cookies as a means of collecting information from a web server for the above purposes (see section “For which purpose?”) following your use of the Website. Cookies help us to improve the Website and to deliver a better and more personalised service.

d. Please be aware that it is not possible to use the Website without cookies. If additional information about our use of cookies is required, please email us at:

9. Policy update

Any changes to our Privacy Policy shall be posted on this page and any such changes will become effective upon posting the revised Privacy Policy. If we make any material or substantial changes to this Privacy Policy we will use reasonable endeavors to inform you by email, notice on the Website or other agreed communications channels.


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